Merseyside Women of the Year Awards 2017

Winners & Runners up

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Deborah and Gemma came to Liverpool about 11 years ago and took over the Playhouse and Everyman theatre, both theatres were struggling and the Everyman needed to be modernised and brought back to life.

The theatres had disappeared from favour with the national critics and they had long stopped coming to the city to see what we had to offer.  They have since worked tirelessly to sympathetically rebuild the Everyman and winning the prestigious Stirling prize for the Best Building of the Year award, they have also attracted some of the biggest names in the industry back to Liverpool.

When the Everyman re-opened the first production of Twelfth Night it saw actors return from the original repertory company over 40 years ago alongside, local favourites and new names. In 2017 they took the massive leap of faith to go back to having another repertory company, which has transformed the theatre and is being held as a model of best practice for other theatres across the country.