Merseyside Women of the Year Awards 2017

Winners & Runners up

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Patricia first started out as a volunteer for victim support, she also volunteered for MIND working with people experiencing mental health issues, which led to volunteering at Probation resulting in becoming a Qualified Social Worker and Senior Probation Officer.

Patricia has worked within the Criminal Justice System since 1990 and has been the CEO at Adelaide House for the last 13 years. She has made a tremendous difference in so many women's lives, the changes she has implemented in the building alone had a positive effect.

By making it a more homely establishment, allowing the women to feel they were in a home rather than a hostel. She has ensured all staff have the relevant training needed to work with women with complex needs this enables the Team to recognise when a woman may be experiencing a problem that without intervention could result in the women relapsing and being returned to Prison.