Harrogate International Advisory

Harrogate International Advisory is an independent international mergers & acquisitions and real estate advisory firm. It is made of a team of passionate experts who are committed to helping its clients achieve their ambitions. It combines a range of skills with decades of experience to be able to provide wise and reliable advice and support to its clients.

Over the years it has established an extensive network of respected professionals around the world. It is able to leverage this network for its clients’ benefit and bring both access to high quality partners and investment opportunities.

Its clients value the firm’s bespoke approach where they are able to benefit from its close attention. It has deliberately avoided becoming a firm that tries to deal in volume of deals done and instead has focused on carefully selecting a handful of opportunities where it believes there is a strong alignment and exciting opportunity.

This means Harrogate’s clients and partners know that when they are involved in a process, it is of the highest quality and that they will be providing the hands -on support that they value.

As a former winner of the MWOTY, a female business owner and a mother to four fostered and adopted daughters – I think I am in a really good position to know the importance of extending a hand to help other women, young or old, emotionally and physically, through this often difficult landscape of life. I am truly delighted that our company is a category sponsor this year.