auteur media

Auteur Media is a consultancy providing strategic communications support to professional services, arts and third sector organisations and ghostwriting services to national publishing houses and private individuals.

Director Nikki Croft-Girvan, a communications and media professional with more than 20 years’ experience across journalism, public relations, and publishing, established the consultancy in 2017 to pursue her passion for writing and storytelling.

She has also used it to allow herself the freedom to use her expertise to help organisations that are supporting communities and driving change around issues that she is passionate about tackling. These include gender-based abuse and violence, LGBT+ issues, mental health and access to health and fitness.

A former true-life magazine journalist and published ghostwriter, she has worked with Bonnier Books UK, Orion, Ebury and HarperCollins and specialises in non-fiction, memoir, anthology, and gift books. She provides support with pitch/proposal preparation and delivers private commissions and corporate ghostwriting services, writing first-person features, opinion and thought leadership pieces for business/professional service clients.

Under her guidance, Auteur Media provides strategic communications support, campaign delivery, copywriting, media relations support and ghostwriting services to its clients, keeping community and social responsibility firmly at the heart of all that it does.

Auteur Media is sponsoring the Women of Courage category at MWOTY, because behind every woman of courage is a story that has the power to change lives and should be recognised.

Since attending MWOTY in 2015 for the first time, I have been hooked. Every year is a joyful celebration and it’s a privilege to be in the presence of women who have stood up for themselves, for their vision, and turned up for their communities. I believe that everyone can make positive change, but it takes courage. The smallest act of bravery, kindness, or defiance, or raising your voice to share your experience can create a ripple effect that helps many and paves the way for future generations of women. These are the women that MWOTY provides a platform for and shines a spotlight on, and Auteur Media is honoured to support its mission and the women it celebrates.