Our MWOTY Story, by Donna Crompton, Director at Leonard Curtis

“We have known Jean Gadsby, one of the current event organisers, for a number of years. A good few years back, when she was first talking about taking over the organisation of the Merseyside Women of the Year (MWOTY) awards, we thought we would like to be involved, as we believe it is important to recognise women’s contribution in society.


That was five years ago and we have been involved since then. It really didn’t take long for us to know that this was the best event in the city to champions and helps women achieve their ambitions, by giving them a platform on which to be seen.


Our involvement with MWOTY has grown over the years, as we realise the value of being associated with such an uplifting and supportive event, especially as it is held in such high regard for the work it does with the Finalists all year round not just on one day.


There is no other event that looks after the Finalists as MWOTY does, its platform is used to ensure the Finalists are celebrated and shines a light on the women who are making a difference in Merseyside, elevating the lives of the people around them.


What makes MWOTY so special it is the chance it provides to celebrate ordinary women achieving the extraordinary, sometimes in very adverse circumstances and situations. MWOTY showcases women’s achievements is and is an amazing legacy for the city region.


Through our association with the awards we have the opportunity to recognise and thank these women for the changes they are making in Merseyside. We learn about local initiatives and get involved with networks and people in our local areas community to help make a difference.


Without MWOTY, so many of the inspirational women it celebrates would not be recognised for the impact they have on the city region. Through the MWOTY awards, we can inspire the next generation to see just what women are capable of and break down the stereotypes that hold us back.”

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