Nominate your #MWOTY 2022!

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Please ensure that the person you are nominating is aware and agrees to you making this nomination. The nominee must be available if selected, to attend the Finalists Event on Monday 27th June 2022 at 6.00pm and The Merseyside Women of the Year Event on Friday 1st July 2022 at 12.00pm.

Please note that if the nominee cannot make these two dates please do not nominate them, as another nominee may be available for this award.

Step 1 of 3 - Nomination Criteria

  • Writing A Successful MWOTY Nomination

    “We want a big pair of knickers, not a thong” - MWOTY Co-Organiser, Ellen Kerr

    If you’ve decided to nominate someone for the Merseyside Women of the Year awards, we are guessing that it is someone special, doing something incredible who never seeks the limelight.

    We also reckon you’ll want to give them a good shot at being named a finalist.

    Every year we receive more and more entries, making the shortlisting process incredibly tough and emotional for our judges. In our early days, we were able to dig around for more information when an interesting but light-on-details nomination was submitted (a ‘thong’ as Ellie would call it) but as we’ve grown that’s become impossible and we now judge all entries solely on the nomination form submitted.

    But don’t worry, submitting a great entry isn’t hard or scary, just look at the below criteria and make sure that you provide a response that answers the questions in each section.

    If you have any questions about making a nomination for the MWOTY awards, you can email us here:

  • Judging Criteria

    When we are deciding on our finalists, we use the following criteria and points are allocated as indicated. Not all questions listed below will be relevant to your nominee - for example financial growth and jobs created will be more relevant to nominees running businesses, not those running awareness campaigns.

    Use the questions below as prompts for your nomination form and when you’re done, ask yourself one very important question - is this submission a thong or a big pair of knickers?

    When deciding on the overall Merseyside Woman of the Year, the public vote constitutes 50% of the overall decision, with the remaining 50% coming from the Judging Panel and Nomination Form combined.

    Below are the criteria that the nomination will be judged by so if you can safely say it’s a big pair of Bridget Jones briefs that will cover all eventualities, it’s time to hit send. Good luck 😊

    Quality of Submission (10 points) Have you explained who the nominee is and their background? Have you explained what they do? Have you summarised why they deserve to win an award? Does the statement to describe the nominee for event publication clearly summarise the who, what and why above?

    Innovation/Creativity (20 points) What is different about what the individual/organisation is doing? Are they filling a gap in a market or using resource, technology or something else in a new or creative way? How are they innovating?

    Achievements, Performance and Difference Made (25 points) Have you explained how the nominee has made a difference in their field or achieved something notable? Have you included figures, examples or statistics, or testimonials and case studies from beneficiaries that demonstrate their achievements and impact? Have you told us about any growth (business, monetary, staff, volunteers) achieved? Have you told us about any funding that has been awarded? Have you told us about any awards or accolades the nominee has won?

    Community/Charitable Impact (25 points) Have you told us about how the nominee’s work has contributed to the community that it serves? Have you told us how it has done this? Have you told us about any charitable impact the nominee has had?

    Vision/Sustainability (20 points) Have you told us about any change that the nominee’s idea/vision has influenced? Have you told us about how the nominee intends to sustain or scale their work? Have you told us about any jobs or business that the nominee has brought to the Liverpool City Region? Have you told us about any impact outside of the region (i.e. nationally or internationally)? Have you told us about the nominee’s future plans?

Nominations are currently closed – thank you to everyone who shared and cared.

We will be in touch with our shortlisted nominees soon!