MWOTY Where Are They Now?: Sue Connerty

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In 2018 Sue Connerty was crowned Merseyside Woman of the Year and Inspirational Woman of the Year for the work delivered by her charity, the Walking with Giants Foundation. The MWOTY family has watched her confidence and success blossom in the two years that have passed, so we thought it was about time we caught up with her to see how she’s doing…


It’s been two years since you were named Merseyside Woman of the Year, can you believe it?

Honestly, it’s gone in a flash. It feels like just yesterday that I got the call saying I’d been nominated. Back then, I was in total shock and not very happy as I didn’t feel worthy to be put forward for such an accolade.


And now?

I still feel like there are many more people doing amazing work out there, but the MWOTY team and network have definitely helped me to accept the value of my work.


So what’s happened in the last two years?

After winning at MWOTY, I was propelled into this huge network of people who all wanted to help me succeed. I found myself invited into rooms packed with businesses and individuals that I’d never have come into contact with before. People I knew could support the Walking With Giants Foundation.

But I knew if I was going to make the most of it, I’d have to step up my game. It was scary at times, but I wasn’t alone. Ellie and Jean from MWOTY and Collette and the team at Michael W Halsall Solicitors in particular encouraged me to get outside my comfort zone and it’s made a huge difference to the charity.


Do you feel it has helped you personally, as well?

Absolutely! Considering I was not happy to be put forward at first, it turned out to be the best year ever. It really did confidence that I never knew and had and I’ve been able to use that in all areas of my life, it’s amazing.


Sounds like you’re going from strength to strength, so what’s coming up next?

This year I’ve teamed up with Julie Lawson, who was a finalist in the Community Change category in 2018, to organise a Joint Gala Ball in aid of both Walking With Giants Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society. It’s taking place on Saturday 14th March in The Garden of Eden at The Shankly Hotel and there are still a few tables available if anyone’s looking for a great night out. As well as dinner and drinks there will be entertainment from Nya King as Whitney Houston and Danny Oliver as Michael Jackson. We’re also still looking for raffle and auction prizes, so if anyone can help, please do get in touch.


We’re booking our tickets now! Based on your experience, why do you think people should nominate women for the MWOTY awards?

There are so many people doing such a hard job, working on a shoestring to help people and even save lives. They deserve recognition, help and support, but they don’t always get it.

If you know someone like that, remember that MWOTY could be a springboard for them. It will give them confidence too. It is just the best award and if I could I would have my year over and over again. By nominating someone you know, you’re putting them in the mix and giving them a chance at the same kind of support I received in my year and still do today though the MWOTY family.

For information on nominations, tickets and sponsorship opportunities for MWOTY 2020, visit:

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