Team 1C Launches Pilot Scheme with Women’s Hospital 

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Team 1C, founded by MWOTY 2023 ‘Inspirational Women’ award winner, Claire Cathcart, is to launch a pilot scheme with Liverpool Women’s neonatal unit.

The pilot scheme will enable parents/carers to access meals during their time in hospital , as well as peer support. The pilot is to last 12 weeks and the charity is hoping to secure funding to roll it out beyond that

Claire Cathcart said: “We recently went for a tour of the facilities and we really can’t wait to get started on the pilot. To support the scheme for a full year would be about 25K, so we are also hoping to find some amazing people and organisations who might be interested in helping us to make this a reality in the longer-term. 

The programme will be complemented by a volunteer-supported monthly “Sunday Social”, where Team 1C will order a takeaway and get everyone together.

Speaking of the programme, Kate Davis, Head of Fundraising at Liverpool Womens Hospital Charity, said: “We are extremely grateful to team 1C for this collaboration as without this funding, we would not be able to get this initiative started.  Team 1C have provided us with the financial support and engagement to make this offering a reality and we would like to thank them from everyone at Liverpool Women’s Hospital for this and look forward to the ongoing partnership and collaboration between Team 1C and NICU.”

If you would like to know how you can support Team 1C please contact

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