Remembering Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

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Following the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday 8th September 2022, MWOTY founding director shares her thoughts on a remarkable life, led by a remarkable woman.


Ellie said: “Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as well as being our Monarch, was a global world leader and a woman in a very male-dominated world.  Most of her contemporaries were men but what made her stand out were her abiding qualities of commitment, service, vision, hard work, knowledge, kindness, inner strength and curiosity.  She brought her personality and character to the most delicate of situations. Although she remained neutral in her thoughts and actions throughout her reign, in her own calm, diplomatic and distinguished way, she influenced the most difficult of divides, both at home and in international affairs – more than she will ever be given credit for.


As well as being Head of the Sovereign State and of the Commonwealth, like many women she acquired other titles of daughter, wife, sister, mother, auntie, friend, grandmother and great-grandmother.


Above all, she had respect, which as we all know has to be earned. This quality above all other qualities, as a leader, she had in abundance. Her dignity and humility with which she made decisions and the ability to take others along with her in those choices will set her apart from other leaders as she goes forth into history.  


It is a sad time but also one that we must positively celebrate. Our former Queen is one of the great role models for women of all time, one who helped change how women leaders are viewed not only in the UK but across the world and has even been called “Queen of the World”.  She was the constant female leader with an independent, strong and – yes we’re going to say it – kick ass presence on the global stage.”  


A heartfelt thank you for everything Ma’am 👑


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