Remembering Cassie James

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The MWOTY team was heartbroken to learn that radio presenter, community campaigner and MWOTY Marvel winner, Cassie James passed away in January, following a long battle with cancer.


Her daughter, Stacey, told the Liverpool Echo that Cassie died “exactly as she wanted to” in her own bed and surrounded by her family. She said: “She didn’t lose her battle with cancer because she never stopped fighting till the end. She passed away at home and she was with myself and Jonathan in her own bed and that’s exactly how she wanted it. We were with her in the end. She wasn’t in pain.”


Cassie was one of five individuals recognised at the 2020 MWOTY Marvels awards, for her work as a volunteer radio presenter at Mighty Radio 107.9, keeping her community connected – particularly during the pandemic – and tackling issues like loneliness and isolation, continuing to present her show 7 days a week even despite her own personal health struggles.


Ellie Kerr, Founding Director of Merseyside Women of the Year Awards, said: “Cassie was an incredible woman who served her community and supported those around her even though she had her own battles to fight. We were proud to have her as part of our MWOTY family and are devastated to hear of her passing. We send all our love and support to Cassie’s family and loved ones and will always remember her and her important work.”

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