Parent Promise Founder Launches Yoni Health

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The winner of the 2023 Entrepreneur award, Emma Jarvis, who was recognised at this year’s awards for founding Parent Promise, a collective which works with businesses to support employees throughout pregnancy and parenthood, has launched a brand new venture.

Working with business partner, Karli Büchling, Emma has launched Yoni Health, a pioneering period biobank, and opened a 600k pre-seed funding round.

Emma and Karli co-founded the groundbreaking initiative to aid women’s healthcare. The period biobank will enable the collection and analyses of period samples to unravel critical insights into the female anatomy, paving the way for personalised healthcare solutions and improved well-being for individuals worldwide.

It aims to advance women’s health research with the aim of closing the gender health gap, as well as improving healthcare outcomes and empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

Yoni Health aims to accelerate its growth and expand its research initiatives, with this round of funding playing a crucial role in:


  • Expanding the biobank’s sample collection efforts, allowing it to gather a diverse and comprehensive dataset for in-depth research.
  • Advancing its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to ensure the highest standards of sample processing and analysis.
  • Developing cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance the accessibility of menstrual health information for healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals.
  • Collaborating with leading experts in the fields of reproductive health, gynaecology, and biotechnology to drive innovation and discoveries.


Karli Büchling, CEO of Yoni Health, said: “We are at the forefront of women’s health research, and this pre-seed funding round will enable us to reach new heights. We are committed to making menstrual health information accessible, empowering individuals, and improving healthcare outcomes. We invite investors who share our vision to join us on this transformative journey.”

Investors interested in supporting Yoni Health’s groundbreaking innovation are encouraged to get in touch with Karli or Emma: or

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