Our MWOTY Story, by Lesley Martin-Wright, Chief Executive Knowsley Chamber

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You often hear people saying how privileged they are to be part of something. For me that’s a complete underestimation of the reasons why Knowsley Chamber of Commerce has had the long association with the Merseyside Women of the Year (MWOTY) awards.

There’s no other Merseyside award quite like MWOTY. It’s the collective spark that brings together passion, emotion, determination, motivation and inspiration. Put simply this is an empowering event.

I have been associated with these awards since their inception. The fact that many years later I am still an advocate of their importance and reach shows how influential they are. The awards have the ability to connect with women across generations and from all walks of life. They bring together a most unusual mix of talents, skills and abilities all under one roof on the day, something that is hard to replicate or change.

Issues or elements that have not been dealt with often hold us in the past and keep us from embracing the present. MWOTY exemplifies how women move forward.”

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