Let’s Make Every Day IWD

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It’s International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019 today and over at MWOTY HQ we are celebrating all of the incredible, inspirational women that we know, those that we’re yet to meet and the ones we might never meet, but think they’re amazing anyway.

But then, that’s what we do every day.

You see, IWD is a wonderful and essential day. A day when we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. A day when we galvanise across the globe and demand gender balance in all areas of life, in all corners of the world.

However, what’s really important to remember is that IWD is a day when we come together globally, when women (and those who support them) around the world collective raise their voices to say we’re here, we’re united and we will be heard.

It’s the crest of a wave, carried by something much more powerful.

The force and momentum of constant support, consistent striving and the knowledge that all of this is made up of tiny, yet significant actions. Little ripples, if you like.

The team at MWOTY know better than anyone that it’s the small day-to-day things that can have the biggest impact on the female superstars in our lives. A an actual telephone call – to the owner of a fledgeling business, just to say thank you for her work, a cuppa and a chat with someone who is feeling down, a business introduction or even nominating someone for an award (hint, hint).

A brilliant example of this involves our current Merseyside Woman of the Year, Sue Connerty, and co-founder Ellie Kerr, last week. Sue was due to speak at an important fundraiser for her charity, the Walking With Giants Foundation, but a personal attack on her family upset her so much, that it knocked her confidence to the point where she felt she couldn’t take to the stage.

On hearing this, Ellie met up with Sue and had a heart to heart over a brew. She reminded her how far she’d come in the past 9 months and encouraged her to not let a few idiots drag her down. Of course it was fine that she didn’t want to speak, as long as she still knew how wonderful she was and how she (and the whole MWOTY network) had her back.

Despite being adamant that she wasn’t going to speak, when the time came, something magical happened.

Sue took to her feet, marched to the stage and – as she always does – delivered a passionate, moving and eloquent speech to the jam-packed room. Ellie nearly fell off her chair!

The night was a roaring success, raising almost £1,300 for Walking With Giants Foundation. In no small part due to Sue’s words and passion.

Afterwards, Sue confided in Ellie. “I wouldn’t have done that, if it wasn’t for you.”

That’s the power of the little stuff. It turns into the big stuff.

That’s why MWOTY works all year round – to support its past and present winners, future nominees and wider network. We encourage women from across Merseyside to motivate, inspire and support one another and we practice what we preach, no matter how small the gesture, because it all counts.

So ride the crest of the wave today. Enjoy the noise and fanfare. Shout loud (and remember to nominate the amazing women you know for the MWOTY 2019)!

Then tomorrow, go back to the small stuff.

Create those little ripples and know they’re having a bigger effect, even if it’s not instantly obvious.

From tomorrow, let’s make every day International Women’s Day.

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