#kNOwKnifeCrime marathon challenge raises £23,000

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A mammoth challenge to generate funds for #kNOwKnifeCrime to buy bleed control kits and cabinets for schools has raised an enormous £23,000 and educated 35,000 students on the dangers of knife crime.

A few days ahead of the TCS London Marathon 1,680 children from across Sefton took part in a 2.6 mile mini marathon and relay race, using a bleed control kit as a baton, passing it along from school to school, to show the borough’s commitment to  work together to look after its communities.

On Sunday 21st April, six campaigners from #kNOwKnifeCrime, including the organisation’s founder and 2019 Merseyside Woman of the Year, Laura Hughes, then took on the full TCS London Marathon. 

Collectively the runners and fundraisers raised an amazing £23,000 and the campaign educated 35,000 children across the borough of Sefton.

#kNOwKnifeCrime was established by 2019 Merseyside Woman of the Year, Laura Hughes, who established the campaign in memory of her brother Colin McGinty, who was stabbed to death in a shocking case of mistaken identity in 2001.

Laura said: “This week has been incredible, from getting the opportunity to work with so many young people educating them about our campaign, which will save lives. It has also been fantastic in terms of creating a lasting, long-term, positive legacy in Colin’s memory.”

MWOTY Founding Director, Ellie Kerr, added: “What Laura has motivated campaigners and so many young people to do is nothing short of incredible. Addressing the topic of knife crime can be difficult, but Laura has found a way to do it that is engaging, memorable, fun and effective. What the kids involved have learned through this campaign will save lives. What a legacy for Colin! 

“Congratulations to everyone who took part, spread the word and donated, especially our MWOTY 2019 Laura – you’re an inspiration!”

If you want to get involved and support the #kNOwKnifeCrime campaign, there’s still time to donate: https://www.cashforkidsgive.co.uk/campaign/charity-champions-liverpool-the-north-west/fundraisers/sefton-schools-say-knowknifecrime-/


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