Fully-Funded Wellbeing Programme with The Worry Wizard

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Do you know a primary school in Merseyside who would like to receive a FULLY FUNDED evidence-based Wellbeing programme?

The Blue Sky Foundation, with support from the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside, are offering The Worry Wizard’s  ‘Introducing Wellbeing’ programme to primary schools across the region.

‘Introducing Wellbeing’ is a low input, high impact entry level programme that’s packed with everything schools need to offer their pupils a gentle, fun, and imaginative exploration of Wellbeing.

“Our children love The Worry Wizard and are gaining a great deal from it.  The Worry Wizard has come at such a pertinent time when our children are feeling more anxious and appear to have more Worries on their shoulders than ever before.  This is certainly the time that they need wonderful strategies like this to help them articulate all their anxieties and concerns.”  Headteacher.

Funding is limited. Visit www.TheWorryWizard.com/schools or email hello@TheWorryWizard.com to find out more.

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