Nominate your #MWOTY 2019!

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Please supply us with the details of the person you would like to nominate. Please note - we rely solely on information given by you so you will need to provide as much information as possible within this form so as the Judges have plenty of info.

Nominations close on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

If you wish to supply any supporting information and evidence, you may attach your own documents in addition to this form. Please ensure that the person you are nominating is: 

  • Aware and agrees to you making this nomination.
  • Available if selected, to attend the Finalists Event on Monday 24th June 2019, 6.00pm and The Merseyside Women of the Year Event on Friday 28th June 2019 at 12.00pm.
    If you know that you cannot attend these two dates, then it is not fair as another nominee may be available for an award.

Click here to see full Terms & Conditions for nominations.

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Please demonstrate the Nominees success (tangible evidence is the best demonstration) i.e. people helped/reached, monies raised, difficulties overcome, the ideas to reality etc.
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Describe the greatest barrier the nominee has overcome [In 200-400 words]*
Please detail any personal achievements which should be considered.
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Statement to describe the nominee for event publication. [In 150 words]:

Please note - This is will be used on our website and in the Women of the Year event publication should they be a successful Finalists for the Awards. You may want to confer with the Nominee to ensure that they are happy with the declaration, as unfortunately no changes or amends can be made once submitted.
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